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Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Day!!

 On Saturday, we made Andrea get up really early so we could open my present!!!
Wonder what it is??

IT'S A BEAR!!!! Bob sent me a Bear!!!

It's Ickle Bear and I love him!!!

We made sure Ickle ate lots of chocolate to get his energy up. He's been under the tree for a long time with no honey.

Then we opened Andrea's present!

Rubber stamps!! For card making!
We love these!

Then we got the crackers out and pulled them!

Tango got a yellow horse. Comealong Stanley helped Jenkins pull a cracker with me... they're not very big, you see, so it takes two of them but that's OK!

Pookums and Mungo McPig pulled a cracker too!!

Everybody got one!!
We love pulling crackers!

We had to stop to eat some more chocolate. Pulling crackers is hard work, you know.

Comealong Stanley got an orange dog in his cracker, and Ickle Bear got a castle!! He's king of a castle!! How fab is that?!!

Then we had breakfast.
CHOCOLATE BREAD!! I love chocolate bread!
It's called Panno Shoko Lah in France!!
Then me and Andrea walked to her parents house for lunch! It's nice and sunny!

We decorated a bicycle on the way.

And we saw all the car windscreens were iced up!

Ah, that shop grating looks much nicer now!

Coo! Look at that!

We saw a funny sticker too!

That bear fell asleep in a wine bucket!!! Do you think he drank it all himself? Wouldn't surprise me, Bob T Bear drinks a lot and falls asleep in weird places..... Dilly showed me the pictures.

Oh look! A proper Christmas tree!

Oh stop a minute Andrea! There's another drain cover here! Look!

And look! This one has a lion on it!

We tied another tag to this railing!

And found this big pile of ice!!

Even the park was iced up!

When we got to Andrea's parents house, we saw more presents under their tree!
How exciting!!

They cooked a Turkey for lunch!!

We had it with roast potatoes, brussel sprouts and stuffing! And gravy! And chestnuts!

I'm stuffed...... let's go home to sleep it off!

On the way home, we decorated this tree with artist books!!

Oh! Look at that!!

We saw a crocodile in a shop on the way home too!!!

When we got home, we showed all the presents to everyone!! We even got a Charleston Dance DVD so we can all learn to Charleston!!!!!
How fab is that?!?!


  1. Nice Christmas photo's Beanie! The Charleston is a fun dance! Will you show us some pictures when you start to exercise? I'd love to see you do the Charleston!

  2. Those crackers look like fun. We don't have craxkers over here at Christmas, I think it's something from the UK only.

  3. Fnarr!!!
    Mweah! Bears not hold drink! Fnar!!

    Hope like stamps! Be abol mayke mor postage stamps wiv!!!


  4. We like your photos Beanie! The brussel sprouts and stuffing look yummy! Were there any saltine crackers in your crackers?

  5. What's a saltine cracker?? We only had the "pull and it goes bang" crackers with funny hats and toys inside. Andrea says that in America, a cracker is what we call a Biscuit in England. Or sometimes it's a cheesey cracker which is similar to a biscuit, which you put cheese on and eat.

  6. I think I like your kind of crackers more then ours! I would like something with a present inside!