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Thursday, 25 November 2010

A Happy Thanking Day.

I've noticed a few of my bloggy friends have one of these posts so I've decided to write my own Happy List.

I am happy because

1. Andrea has a job to pay for things with.
2. I have somewhere to live and a nice comfy bed to sleep in.
3. I have Boo Bear, Tango, Pookums, Comealong Stanley, Jenkins and Mungo McPig as my friends.
4. Andrea takes me on Holiday sometimes.
5. I met Bob T Bear and Dilly for my Birthday Present this year!
6. People send me presents even when it's not my Birthday.
7. I find things on the sidewalk and make things with them.
8. When I leave things tied to railings, sometimes people find them and take them home!!
9. Sometimes, when people find those things, they leave messages to tell me!!
10. sometimes when people find those things, they leave messages to tell me!! (that goes twice because it makes me REALLY REALLY HAPPY!!!!)

(and if I'm allowed a number 11, I have my own United Squeaks of Rodentia Passport with my picture in it!)

So, that's my Happy Thanking Day list for 2010. What's yours?


  1. I'm thankful for all the cool and sweet online friends I've made since starting my blog!
    There's other stuff too ofcourse, but I'm a bit too tired to think of those now.

    And thanks for the card and hippo article!!

  2. Like your list! I'm with Sullivan, very thankful for so many nice blog friends!

  3. Beanie – I just heard that it was your Birthday, recently. Happy Birthday Beanie! I'm glad that you had a good time visiting friends and that you got such Great Cards and Gifts and Food and Such! Lucky/Loved Beanie!

  4. Thank you!! I am most definitely a Very Lucky Mouse!!