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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Birthday images....

Well, I don't have any proper birthday pictures to show you, because Andrea had to work today and we're not home yet to celebrate. But instead, here's some fun pictures from my neighbourhood from the last couple of weeks!
This is a public rubbish bin that somebody has decorated!

It has all sorts of stickers and pictures on it!

Including Tigger and messages too!

I wonder who Mar is though?

Isn't it fun?!!!

This tree has weird fruit on it but I don't know if they're edible...

And at the top of my street were two HUGE cobwebs with spiders in!!
You can't see the webs though....

On the seafront, there's a bowling green and the building has a neat weathervane on it!

and one of the beach huts is called Castle Beach!!!!
that's funny!

We had a rummage on the beach and we found this pebble. That hole in it, Andrea says, has Quartz Crystals in it and they sparkle in the sunshine!! (you can't really tell in the photo but it's really pretty!!)

I found another Wish Stone and lots of shells too!

We even found a jungle by the beach too!!

RAHHH!!! I'm a Scarey Mouse! RAHHH!!

Then we saw a building all boarded up. It says danger keep out on the board.
So, a little bit more of Brighton for you!


  1. How can it be your birthday already?! Where did October go? Now you will get your present way too late!

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day.

  2. That's OK, I'm getting lots of late presents!! I love late presents! Andrea says that even my Birthday Party will be late!!!

  3. Happy Birthday (belated), Beanie!!! Sorry if we ruined the surprise, but we are looking forward to meeting up!!! I had a card and some stamps for you, but I forgot to send them. I sent them tonight, so you should get them MOnday. I hope you get them ok!!!

  4. Oh don't worry!!! I love surprises!!! And it will be a surprise to see what type of birthday cake we get!!!! I'm so excited!!

  5. What is the exact date? I'll write it on the calender! We were very busy these last weeks but there are boxes on the table (finaly!) so next week (autumn holiday starting tomorrow ;-)!!!) We'll make sure all the boxes get into the mail!!!!

  6. 21st October. We discovered that totally by accident two years ago!!