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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Some more pictures of London that got missed off.

Another one of the lamp post at Trafalgar Square - you can see the writing underneath the picture on this one...

The pub at Blackfriars - you can see the complete statue in this one!

 And two shots of St Pauls Cathedral reflected in nearby building windows.....

Friday, 29 October 2010

Look what happened when I was away!!!

I went to London and Colchester this week and lost some more art. Two of them got found and the comments are brilliant!

One is here...

and the other is here...

Beanie's Birthday Trip, Day Three

 On Wednesday, we noticed that they had chocolate bread out for breakfast, so I had one of those and Andrea had cornflakes again!!

It was time to pack up and leave the hostel - and Andrea got me another present!!! They have special rubber stamps at youth hostels (you have to ask for them on your way out though) and Andrea had them put one in my passport!!! She said that although we hadn't gone abroad, this trip was a Special Occasion so it was put in my passport!!! Isn't that fab!!

Then we got a number 17 bus....... where does this go then?

OH!! King's Cross Station!! We've been here before!!!

We then got a number 73 bus....

And got off near the British Museum so we could visit another art shop!!!

 We saw some funny drawings on a building site boarding thingy....!

They're kinda scarey though.....

We lost another tag on the railings at Bedford Square too!! 

And then got another number 73 bus!

We saw some rabbits on the way back - it was a special display about the Mad Hatters' tea party!!!

And then we arrived at Victoria Station....
time to go home....

And there we are crossing the Thames again!

Here we are walking back from the train station!!

When we got home and unpacked, the first thing I did was to give Tango a Special Present from Bob T Bear!!!! It was a special Bear Pants lollillipop just for Tango!
(Ed's note: Tango was so happy, he bounced round the living room shouting "I got a present" for hours!!!)

After Tango had calmed down, we all sat down to finish off my Birthday Cake and Dilly's biscuits while I told about my special trip!!!

We also noticed there was a letter for me too!

What a brilliant picture!!

It was from Bob and Dilly with some rubber stamps in it!!!

MORE presents!!! I'm such a lucky mouse, I really am!!!

I had a lovely trip to London and Colchester - but it's nice to be in my own bed, too!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Beanie's Birthday Trip, Day Two

 On Tuesday, we got up and had breakfast. Cornflakes and coffee.... and the coffee was drinkable too!!

We had some time to spare so we went for another stroll by the river. The tide was out this morning...

That way, you can just make out Tower Bridge in the distance.... you can make out one of the towers just behind the nearest bridge.

Up Holders Hall? I wonder what that was....

It was a bit chilly, so I put my scarf on to keep warm!

Then, we got a Number 23 Bus to go to somewhere called Liverpool Street Station.
How exciting!!!

On the way, we went past the Bank Of England, where all our money comes from.
Andrea has another word for Banks, but she says it's rude!!

We got off at the last stop and saw the Bullet Building!! Andrea says that a lot of other people call it the Gerkin. Perhaps it's supposed to look like a pickle because the people that work in it got us INTO a pickle???!!

Aha! This must be Liverpool Street Station!!

Oh yes! Andrea says we're getting the 10 o'clock train to Norwich but we're getting off at a place called Colchester.

We had a Reserved Seat! And I got my own seat as well!!

On the way, we saw this being built. Andrea says it's the Olympic Stadium where the Bear Synchronised Sitting will be held!!

We got off at Colchester and had to get another train.....

That took us here!

Colchester Town!!!

So, we had to make our way into town and saw this person on the way!!

We checked on a map and found out we were in the right place! That's good to know!

We decided to go see the Castle!

OH!! Bears!! We saw those on Bob T Bear's blog!!

Here we are!!! Let's go in!!

Gosh!! More mosaics.

Oh! They have axe heads here too!

and that's Boody Ka's chariot!!

 And we saw the oldest painting in England done in 13 something or other.

It's very old.

Gosh... wonder if they have ghosts here??

We saw a very pretty lake here too...

And it had fancy fish in it too!!
We then met up with Helena and she brought BOB T BEAR AND DILLY!!!

We all jumped on top of each other for a big Hug! We were so pleased to meet up!

They all came and took us to a cafe for a Birthday Party Lunch!!
I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

(Andrea made us pose for a Proper Picture!!)

Helena got us a Big Piece of Walnut and Coffee Cake and Andrea said it was all for us!

I got the first bit, because it was my Birthday!!

Bob didn't even bother using a fork!!!

Dilly said that's because he's a Bear and they're Un Couth.

I don't know what that means though....

Later on, Dilly and Bob said they had brought Presents for me to open!!
Oh how exciting!!!

This one's from Dilly!!

It's a box of Biscuits in the shape of Dragons!!!!
How exciting!!!

Thank you Dilly!!!

Then, it was Bob's Present!!! His one has a Bear on the label!!!

It's lots of stickers!!! I love stickers!!!

Thank you Bob!!!

Then I saw there was a card to open!!

It had ME on the front!!!
I love this card!!!

It was from Helena, Dilly and Bob!!

Oh wait! There's ANOTHER PRESENT???

 It's a Rainbow Book!!! I love this one too!!!

Isn't it pretty?!?! I don't know what I'll use it for yet, but i love it!!

And here's all of us!!!

I had my Third birthday party with Three Friends and I got Three Presents!

Does that mean I'm Three this year??
(Ed's Note: That's actually a pumpkin behind Helena's Head.... NOT a weird ear!! You can blame Andrea for taking that picture!!!)

After all the fun, I showed Dilly and Bob what I carried in my Ruck Sack. I said they could have some spending money if they wanted to. Dilly picked the copper coloured one!

Bob chose the Early Learning Centre 20p token because it looks like real money!!!

Then we all went for a wander round town. We met Arnold who snored and flapped his ear at us!

We also went to the Clock Museum too!!!

Eventually it was time for us to go home, so Bob and Dilly walked us to the train station.

When the train came, we all had another Big Hug!

Bob T Bear waved us off!!!

And so did Dilly!!

Oh I've had such a lovely day today!! It's been the bestestest Birthday Ever!!

We got back to Colchester and then got on another train back to Liverpool Street Station.

There's that Olympic Stadium again!

And here we are back in London!!!

And there was a number 11 bus waiting outside just for us!!!

When we got off, it was still raining, and we saw St Paul's Cathedral reflected in a puddle.

But it doesn't really come out in the photo though....

There was lots of buses going past....

We did lots of shopping again today, too!!

After we dropped off our stuff at the hostel, we went out for another Indian dinner, at another place called Anokha. It's a new restaurant near Carter Lane that's recently opened and had a special 25% off your final bill deal. We ordered King Prawn Biriyani with a Garlic Naan bread and it was super yummy!! Much better than the other place! (and they didn't rush us, either!!)

and then we finished off with a Mango flavoured Ice Cream!!!

What a wonderful day!!

I'm completely pooped now.


NB You can read about Bob T Bear's take on the day here