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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Street Art

We saw this stencilled on the sidewalk/pavement a few days ago......!


  1. Always nice to see things that make you think about things! What's your dream Beanie? My dream is to go to Ireland one day. That's the biggest dream I have but there are a lot of little dreams too...

  2. My Dream?? To get my book published!! The pictures are taking a long time, because Andrea has to work all day.

  3. Aw be luvly thing see on payvement!
    Dilly think be luvly idea hav book!
    Dilly be ferst to by book!
    Then Beanie sine nayme inside an
    dror smiley mowse fayce.

    Ear hugs!


  4. i think a book by beanie wud be fantastik!