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Saturday, 31 July 2010

We went to Lewes!

A couple of weeks ago, Andrea had to go to a place called Lewes for her work, so she took me with her. After she was done, we took a walk back to the train station.

 That's the South Downs!!

And a brewery on a river!! Bob T Bear would like that!

It's a pretty river...

Coo!! a Church...!

Someone put a funny face on this shed!!!

This building has been here over a century!! The last century ended 11 years ago, so it's really old.

Gosh, that's a pretty building too...

and it's got a tower on the top!

We ended up going the wrong way - we weren't supposed to cross the river again!!

But it was fun looking at the boats!

A funny pub sign!! I really think Bob T Bear would like it in Lewes.....

Speaking of bears....!

During our walk through Lewes, we found a green star bead! Andrea put it on my necklace because it goes with the other stars!!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tango The Bear Model

Andrea's been busy knitting recently and made Two Bear Scarves!
This Burgundy one...

and this orange one!!
I wonder if Bob T Bear would like one...?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Look what I found!!

One day last week, Andrea took me to work and on the way home, we found a CD to shlepp, a 20p token and a parking ticket!!!

Andrea said I could keep the 20p token with all my other money!!
I'm rich, I'm rich!!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Another trip to London!!

Andrea's taking me to London again soon but we can't quite decide what to do. We've found a list of Museums in London here

Which seems to give a complete listing of all the musems. Some of them we've done already, and some of them are actually quite a way away from the centre of London.... but if you would like to suggest some that you'd like to see a trip of, then me and Andrea can pick one (or maybe even two!!) to go visit!! Even Sherlock Holmes is on this list!!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Beanie's Buried Treasure!!!

This story is taken from Beanie's First Ever Vacation in September 2008 to Paris, France.... Day One of his Big Adventure had him travel from home up to London the day before this post. This trip, as you'll see, we travelled by Eurostar and this is the trip that we got stranded in Paris because of a fire in the Eurostar tunnel!!
On Tuesday the 9th of September, Andrea said we were going to catch a big "train" called The Eurostar which leaves from this station here, St Pancras. That's a big station.... wonder where we're going??

Hoots, this is a FAST train!!!! Are we still in England??

Oh! We've arrived..... at a place called Gare Du Nord in a town called Paris!! They don't speak English here, they speak French..... I wonder how we'll manage...?

Oh, and this is our hotel, the Hotel Des Batignolles. It's really pretty....

And the room overlooks a lovely little street with a thing called "Tabac" on the corner.

Wonder what's up that way....

I have this HUGE DOUBLE bed all to myself?????

OK, I have my artworks ready to lose. Let's go out for a stroll in the neighbourhood!

OH!! Someone tied this lovely purple ribbon to a window railing and it suits my wonderful cards perfectly!! They were waiting for me!!! I like the French already!

And LOOK at this shop!! Even Andrea had never seen this one before! How Magnificent! Can we stay here instead of at the hotel?

DISASTER!!! Andrea's favourite-est restaurant ever is CLOSED for renovation!!!! Where are we going to eat??????????? We'll starve!

Oh how odd - they have outdoor showers in Paris. The French are a bit weird....

Andrea took me to a little park down the road. I don't understand what the writing says but I'm sure it's interesting.....

They have caves in this park!! I love exploring caves!!

Oh, and pteroduck-tils too!! I wonder if that sign on the park gates was a warning sign saying not to get too close?

Oooh, more caves! I'll leave one of my paintings here!!

Went back to the hotel to relax a bit and write up in the travel journel...

Andrea told me there was a famous writer called Ernest Hemingway that lived in Paris. I've decided to write a book too while I'm here.

At the hotel, the receptionist told us about her favourite restaurant just down the road, called "Aubergine" so we went to look for it. Andrea says this mosaic is OF an Aubergine, so I guess this must be it. Hope the food's edible.

Andrea ordered a "Nordic Salad" off the menu for us. I can't eat all that!!!!! It has smoked salmon on it and shrimp (which Andrea says is her favourite but she promise to share them since I've never been to Paris before) And some LOVELY creamy sauce on the top!! Wow!

And a Chocolate cake with icecream for pudding!! THAT'S MY FAVOURITE!!!

I'm exhausted! Wake me in the morning.....!

A walk along the seafront.

A couple of weeks ago, a very nasty thing happened. Two people on a motorbike were speeding along the coast road at over 100 mph and crashed into the metal railings right outside our house. (This was at 1 o'clock in the morning, so we didn't hear it because we were fast asleep)
Both the riders died and lots of people have put flowers on the railings.

These are just some of them - more people have put more flowers since we took these pictures.

We went for a walk along the seafront after looking at the flowers....

We're both happy to be alive!

Then we spotted a red and white stripey tent!

On the way to investigate, I made "Bunny Ears" in my shadow!!
Can you see??

Here's the tent. Someone was testing a thing called Micro Phone to make sure it worked. Andrea says there might be a concert here....

Oh, and there's a big wheel to ride, too!

On the way back, we saw people riding Smurf Boards on wheels.

and I found a feather too!! I love finding feathers!

Lots of people were having Bar Be Kew on the beach!!
That looks like fun!

I even saw the Zombie Pigeon that Tango told me about!!

And we saw some shiney stars too!