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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Manga Giveaway!!!

Today I posted out the Book to Sullivan McPig and later this week I shall post out the T-shirt to Eve Noir!!! Both envelopes have Something Else From London in it!!

The Sony PSP game things still haven't gone yet, so if anyone wants those, shout!!

The four CD things come inside......
....this folder!


  1. Oh! I won. and something from London too? How exciting! there should be a little something for you soon too btw.

  2. I have the same comment as Sullivan! :) Yay, I am very happy to have won. And yayyyy, something else too! GREAT! Very anxious. And yes, I will be sending some ATC's out to you very soon Beanie. ;)

    Thanks so much!~

  3. Dear Beanie Mouse,
    I believe you have a relative living in Texas. Please look at to see a photo of the mouse in question.
    take care,

  4. Hi Beanie! I received the package today. I'm actually wearing the shirt at the moment-it fits well, thanks so much! Also I LOVE the Big Ben keychain...what a nice surprise! Yay, I was so happy to have won the shirt giveaway.

    Take care!~Eve

  5. Oh fab!! Nice one!!! I bought a bunch of those keychains at the youth hostel I stayed at Sunday night so thought it would make a fun "send out" to people!!