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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Tip Of The Week!

Andrea said that she's taking me to London again soon, and she showed me a thing called Oyster Card. Andrea said it's a prepaid travel card specially to use on London buses and subways! It's loaded up with £20 credit, and then when we get on London Bus, there's a round yellow thing near the door (on Subway, the round yellow thing is near the entry barriers) which you touch with the Oyster Card and it goes "BEEP!" Then the card is deducted with the fare. (On Subway when you come out the other end, you have to touch the yellow thing again to open up the exit barriers) On ours, there's an automatic top up thing so when it gets down to £5 credit, it automatically tops up!!!
Isn't that brilliant!!! (You can order these online or purchase them when you arrive in London.... ask at the subway ticket office)

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