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Monday, 31 May 2010

Hammie Mail and Trip to London, Day One.

On Saturday 29th May, we went to collect a Parcel. It was addressed Just For Me!!

 Inside there was LOADS of stuff for me!!!

Look at all this fabulous stuff!! Hammie collected it all in Brittany when he went on holiday!

This paper bag has a mouse on it!!

Look!! This is my favourite Paper Bag!!

and I got a Ruler with Animals all over it!

And I got French Yellow Soap, and a Lolly Pop and Brittany Biscuits! (they're called "Cookies" in America!)

And G even sent me one of her Mandala Cards that Hammie stamped on the back!!!
I love it!!

And Mouse Plates!!!

I got Special Mice Plates that I can use on my Birthday Party!!!

We then had to get ready for our trip to London. Andrea said I could take the Brittany Lolly Pop in my bag and eat it on the train!!

I'm ready - LET'S GO!!!

 Here we are up at Train Station waiting for Train to London!!
It was raining on Saturday.

we had a very noisy train ride to London because we shared a compartment with lots of Noisy Children. We got earache. When we got to London, Andrea had to use the toilet so I left one of my cards on the door!!!!

Ah, here we are! We had to get a Number 11 bus this time and Andrea couldn't find where it left from. It's supposed to be outside the train station but there were lot of Road Diversions happening, so we had to ask where Bus 11 left from.

The chap at Information said it was outside the glass building with an arch in it. Well, that looks like a glass building with an arch in it, let's go there.

Oh coo!! There was a Big Greek Orthodox Church over the road! Wow!
Actually, Andrea said it was Big Greek Orthodox Church, but Bob T Bear says it's Roman Catholic Church because his Mum and Dad have been in it. So there you go!

Well, we were in the right place for Bus 11!! And this bus is a brilliant ride!! It goes down to Westminster Abbey, here.......

and then down HorseGuards Parade (those are the guys in the gold pointy hats and the red capes that ride black horses when the Queen has a party) and then here, to Trafalgar Square...

And then past Royal Courts Of Justice and past The Old Bailey, where they lock up nasty horrid criminal people, and up to here, St Paul's Cathedral!!!! We had to get off here to change buses.

So we walked round to the other side of St Pauls Cathedral

And saw this Sheep herder statue!!

And then a bit further on to here, to get the Bus 8

We got off Bus 8 at Bethnal Green Station and walked down Roman Road to find hotel. We walked and walked and walked until Andrea decided we were A Bit Lost and then asked in a shop!! They said go back the way you came a bit and ask in Electricity Shop. The Electricity Shop looked a bit closed to we went into Mr Butchers and asked him. He then pointed out this sign over the Road above the Chinese Shop next to the Barbers, and that was our Hotel!!

We got A Big Bed all to ourselves!!!

We checked out of the window to make sure there were no maurauding Pigeons.

And then went for a walk before dinner! That Muriel is on the Buddhist Centre!

An iron Globe! Coo...!

Oh! A Metal Umbrella!!!

We had a little walk in the park and I tied one of my Wonderful Cards onto a railing!

On the way back, we met Cat, the Shop Keeper!!

We went into an Indian Restaurant for dinner, and we had Caribbean Chill Smoothie to drink! It had Mango, Coconut, Banananana and something else in it and it was YUMMY!!

Andrea ordered us King Prawn Biryani, a somethingy Dhall (don't know what it was but it tasted nice!!) and a Garlic Nan bread. It wasn't as good as the Indian Curry we have in Brighton though, but we both like the somethingy Dhall!!!

That's where we ate! Cafe Isha!
(Andrea says there was another place called Thai Vesta a few doors down, so it you're ever in Roman Road, Bethnal Green, London, try it and tell me what it's like!!!)

We had an After Dinner stroll and saw this funny phone booth!

 and then we crashed out at Hotel!
We found some more hair ties to use on postcards too!!

Gosh, I'm pooped......

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Andrea's Birthday!!!

 On Tuesday, Andrea took A Big Cake into work!! She brought me too!!

We went up to Church which has a bus stop outside.

We had time to look, as well

It's very peaceful here

At Coffee Break, Andrea got Cake out of Box.
It's Bigger than me!! how are we going to eat all that?
Andrea said not to worry, there's plenty of people in the Office to help us!!

Andrea even cut a slice for me!!
I love Chocolate Cake!

Later on, somebody brought Doggie in to the office!
His name is Dexter and he's a Spaniel and he's something called Hyper Active.
that means he runs round a lot like the Duracell Battery Rabbit!!
I guess that's why the pictures are blurred - because he kept on moving!

In the end, we had to pick him up to stop him long enough to take a picture!!

He's a sweetie!

On the way home, we found somebody's painting!

And we also found a package waiting for us!

Oh, wonder what that is?

It's a Flower!!! Somebody made us A Flower for Andrea's Birthday!!!
I'm so excited!!
I love Flower!!

Andrea decided to put it in Bottle on Windowsill.
It looks pretty there!!