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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Beanie's Found Art Workshop Part 4: Tags

Now, remember when we made that card, and we trimmed a bit off the side? Well get that bit of card and punch a hole in one end. You can use a fancy hole punch if you have one, or you can use one of those two ring binder hole punch gadgets if that's all you have.

Then either find a piece of ribbon or find two elastic bands and cut them so they're a elastic strip. Tie together the ends of the two bands so they're joined together and then thread one of the other ends through the hole in the card.

Then tie the bands in a knot on the other side of the hole in the card, so that the bands won't fall out. You can then decorate the tag with other found stuff and then tie it somewhere, like a tree branch, or a railing or a bicycle handlebar, ready for someone to find!!

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