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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Beanie's Found Art Work Shop, Part One.

How To Make Found Art. OK, the first thing you need to do is collect up a bunch of stuff to use to make stuff with. You can find all sorts of free stuff on the sidewalk - like elastic bands, hair ties, used train tickets, used movie tickets, candy wrappers, yellow plastic "wet paint" tape, rings, washers, broken padlocks, earrings, pendants that fell off necklaces.
You can also use stuff like mashed up wrapping paper, too, and sugar wrappers and those little salt and pepper thingies from restaurants. And paper napkins too, specially if they've got stuff printed on them!!
Me and Andrea have a little plastic bag that we take out on walks with us, so that anything we find on the sidewalk, we can put in the bag to take home with us!

You'll also need some paper and card. I find that empty cardboard boxes are good, and card from the inside packaging is good, and those brown paper bags with handles that some shops put stuff in for you, they're good too. You can also use restaurant take-away menus, and what Andrea says is called Junk Mail, those advertisement things that get shoved through your letter box. They're good for found art!
To give you an example - yesterday when me and Andrea went to London, we got COMPLETELY FOR FREE 3 paper bags, a cardboard box, 2 shop receipts, printed cards (enough to make 6 standard postcards), 2 elastic bands and a hair tie (found on floor) and also, we liberated a sheet of part used "Special Offer" stickers!!!

Some other things you'll need but may have to purchase.... Glue Stick, Paint, Paint Brushes, Crayons, Holographic Sticky Tape (hard to find), rubber stamps, ink pad (any colour), stapler (not shown) and scissors (not shown) and sometimes a craft knife (not shown) can be handy, too. And a hole punch! The one I have here punches out a Maple Leaf, and you can get loads of other shaped ones too, but if you have already one of those "punch two round holes for a two ring binder" hole punches, that'll work just as well for now!

Now, if you would like to go and Find Some Stuff To Make Stuff With, I shall show you in my next WorkShop, how to make an Origami Envelope, a Card to Fit the Origami Envelope, A Tag and An Artists Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for showing us how to make art! We really enjoy your lesson!