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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Beanie's Mystery Trip!

Yesterday, Andrea took me out on a Mystery Trip!!
How exciting!
First, we went up to the Train Station.
I like going on Train!!

Oh!! London!! Are we going to British Library again?

Before we got on Train, Andrea had to use Toilet. They had a mirror on the wall so she took our picture!!

When we got to London, we met our friend Julie and then went to get Number 2 Bus.

Number 2 bus took us here, to somewhere called Brixton.
It only took us about 15 to 20 minutes! Then we had to walk somewhere

OH! They have Aliens!!!

Those shiney bits on the wall must be what's left of their Spaceship!!

We also saw this horse and some sprayed hands!!

And a flying cow????

IT'S SUPERMOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

We walked past a place called Brixton Village which had metal fish on their railings.
That looked interesting so Andrea and Julie decided to go back there after we'd done something else.
Coo, that sounds mysterious!!
Gosh, they have sanitary steam here!

Red Gate Gallery?
Oh, it's an Art Gallery!! We like those!
Andrea said that another friend of hers, TJ, has a painting up here!
They had a little tree outside with red lamps on it. Hammie likes red.

Here's me and Julie in front of TJ's painting!!
I like TJ's painting!

I like this one too...

Oh! A bit of a telephone Kee Osk!!

I had a bit of a sit down in it, because we'd done a lot of walking!!

Oh, this one's fun!! They use lost things to make it!!

And there's a bar here too!!

OK, what you all having?!?!?!

After that, we went back towards the Village. We were getting hungry and tried to work out where to have lunch.

Coo, pretty arches!

That house has funny faces on the wall!!

Oh here we are!! Back at the fishy gates!!

I like these!! Can't eat them though....

I had my picture taken with them!!

OH!! Here has food!! Let's have lunch here!!

After Andrea had ordered lunch, we sat down and noticed there was mirrors on the ceiling.
She took our picture!!!
Andrea got us a Fish Stew which was absolutely YUMMY!!!!!
Andrea said it was Caribbean Cooking.
I like Caribbean Cooking!
I like this place! Let's come here again!!

Then we decided to go into the Brixton Village for a look around.

Coo - looks interesting!!

In one shop, we saw these leaflets telling us about another shop.
Lost Toys?! I hope they're not sad.

This shop had birds painted all over the walls!!

You don't live here!!!!

Lost Toys??
Coco can't be Lost!!!!
WAIT! I'm coming to get you!!!
(Ed's note: Turns out this shop is a little theatre and Coco doesn't actually live there. That's his cousin!!)
After that, we saw this Candy shop!
We gotta come back HERE again!!!

We saw these paintings of Coco!!

And flags with bananas on!

And a Fish shop too!!

And then we found this Fabric Shop!!
Andrea took me in here to look round!

They had some fabulous fabric in here all the way from a place called Africa.
Andrea says they're Very Special Fabrics!

The shop was called African Queen Fabrics and apparently they have a website too.

Then we did a thing called Window Shopping.
Even though we don't need any Windows, but Andrea said that's not the point.

It's a Coconut Bag!!
Every Parrot needs one of these to carry his walnuts in, so he doesn't get hungry.

Back outside, we saw this lovely old building.

It had this huge Muriel on the side!

And then we got the bus back to Victoria Station.

We were early for our train home so we stopped for coffee first!
Later on, we said goodbye to Julie and got our train home.

Here we are back home again!

We looked at the full moon as we walked home.

Oh, this isn't the way home!! What are we doing here??

Oh!! It's Indian Take Away!
Andrea got us King Prawn Dansak with Pilau Rice, Garlic Nan Bread and Popodom!!
Andrea let me have all the popodom!!

Look at all the things we found in London!!

We made a postcard with the train and bus tickets!!

And then Andrea showed me the African Fabric she got!!

And this one as well!
Isn't it amazing!!

Even the carrier bag is fun!!
What a brilliant day out!!