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Friday, 18 December 2009


This morning, Andrea got up early and very excited! When it got light enough to take pictures, she showed me what happened overnight!!

We got over 3 inches of snow....!

IT SNOWED!! They said on the radio that there weren't any buses in town, so Andrea wasn't able to go to work. She said we should go out and see if it was possible to walk to a different office building.....

And she took me with her!!!

OH!! It's very slippery!!

We decided it was too icy to walk to the other office, but we went to see if it snowed on the beach, since that was a lot closer!

The snow's even deeper here.... it comes up to my neck!

OH!! Where did the beach go?? The snow's covered up all the pebbles and goes all the way to the sea!!

Now look at that! Snow drifts on the beach!!

And you can't even see Brighton!!

We stopped long enough to make a snow mouse!!!
I love making snow mice!!

and I tried to ride this bike but it was chained to a pole so I couldn't.

And we even saw people having a sledge ride on the beach!!!
That's crazy - you're supposed to ride smurf boards on the beach, not sledges!!
After that, we went home for coffee to warm up, but later on, Andrea went out again...
And found a giant Snowball!!


  1. I like your snow mouse! I've got to get Mom to take me outside to make a snow bear!

  2. Oh I hope she DOES take you out to make a snow bear!!! Make sure you wear a scarf though!

  3. I luv yor snow mouse!! Hehe! The ears ar reelly good! We mayde a snow bear an the ears wer the hardest bit cos they kept fallin off!!
    Be careful tryin to ride bikes in the snow- that saddle lloks far too cold, eevn for a bottom wiv ferr on it!


  4. Hello B,T.Bear Esq! Yeah, the ears on the snow mouse were hard to make but they stayed on long enough for Andrea to take a photo of it! And I came home with a wet bottom!!! hahahahaaaaaa!!!