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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Chapter Two!!

We've started on Chapter Two of My Book!!

Monday, 28 December 2009

I forgot to say....

We also got Chocolate Money for Christmas!!

Andrea said we don't spend these, we eat them!!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

What we did on Christmas Day!

On Christmas Day, we were so excited we got out the Christmas Crackers before we got dressed!

And we all got a toy each!!! I got a skittle, Pookums got a spinning top, Comealong Stanley got a castle hat and Boo Bear got a horse!!

After Andrea made coffee, we all helped her open her presents. I wonder what this one it?


It's a book with a silver Elephant on it!!

And there's plain paper inside to draw on!!!

Then we helped her open this one....!

They're cooking books!! To make more things like Tabouleh!!

Then we had some more crackers!!

Boo got a smiley face, Pookums got another spinning top and so did I, and Comealong Stanley got a Pink Ring!!! He put it on straight away!

There were two crackers left so we pulled them with Andrea!
She got a Pet Dog and a bowl to put his food in!!
Then Andrea said it was Time for Champagne Breakfast!

I love chocolate bread!!
After that, we went out to see Andrea's parents. We found some fancy paper on the street, so we picked it up so we could make something out of it.

We walked past this shop that had a Christmas Tree in the window.

And then we saw this real Christmas Tree!!!

We saw this street painting too!

And also saw these daisy's hanging in a window!!

We had to walk through a park, and we decorated a little tree with some of our books!
It's a Special Christmas Book Tree!!

That's where Mum and Dad live!

Andrea opened lots more presents and made a big mess!!

Then we started getting lunch ready.
Andrea said this is a picture of "Basting The Turkey".

And this one is of "Carving the Turkey"!!

And then lunch was ready!!!!!
We were starving!

After lunch, we walked home through the park. We saw this funky sticker on a pole!

We saw these pretty wrought iron railings too!! I like these!

And I found another feather!! I like finding feathers!

When we got home, Andrea showed us her presents. We got Indiana Jones' DVDVDVDVDs, Ocean's 13 DVDVDDVDVD, an elephant poo paper sketch book, lots of pencils and a diary!! I don't know what an elephant poo paper book is, but Andrea says she thinks they make the paper from Elephant poo.

Then we started telling the jokes from inside the Christmas Crackers.
What's a Crocodile's favourite card game?

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Secret Santa!

Last Wednesday, Andrea said we had to go to Work, to get something special from Secret Santa.
What happened to all the snow??! It's gone!
Well, at least all the buses are running today!

When we got off the other end, we saw this pretty sparkly tree in a window!

Ah, I still have my own mouse seat on Andrea's Desk!!! (And now Hammie has one too!!!)

While Andrea was working, I looked at all her Christmas cards! They're very colourful!

Oh!! They have a tree here too!! With presents underneath!

Coo! How exciting!

Then I saw my friend Goosey and we had a nice long chat!!

We started playing games later on, and I climbed into this stocking!!!

PRESENTS!! We got a present!!

I helped Andrea open it and we got some more smelly gloop (Andrea said it's not realy vodka, it's smelly stuff you use in the bath!!) and we also got some chocolate!
I love chocolate!

Andrea had this big pink ball hanging on her desk!

On the way home, we saw this shiney Reindeer in a window!!

and lots of sparkly lights in windows!

We put ours on when we got home and put the presents under the tree!

Andrea got out a special Santa box and said we can put the chocolates in it!
How fun!!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas!!

Happy Christmas everybody!!!
Thank you for visiting and joining my blog and I shall be back at the weekend trying to work off all the food I'll be eating!!

Friday, 18 December 2009


This morning, Andrea got up early and very excited! When it got light enough to take pictures, she showed me what happened overnight!!

We got over 3 inches of snow....!

IT SNOWED!! They said on the radio that there weren't any buses in town, so Andrea wasn't able to go to work. She said we should go out and see if it was possible to walk to a different office building.....

And she took me with her!!!

OH!! It's very slippery!!

We decided it was too icy to walk to the other office, but we went to see if it snowed on the beach, since that was a lot closer!

The snow's even deeper here.... it comes up to my neck!

OH!! Where did the beach go?? The snow's covered up all the pebbles and goes all the way to the sea!!

Now look at that! Snow drifts on the beach!!

And you can't even see Brighton!!

We stopped long enough to make a snow mouse!!!
I love making snow mice!!

and I tried to ride this bike but it was chained to a pole so I couldn't.

And we even saw people having a sledge ride on the beach!!!
That's crazy - you're supposed to ride smurf boards on the beach, not sledges!!
After that, we went home for coffee to warm up, but later on, Andrea went out again...
And found a giant Snowball!!