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Sunday, 15 November 2009

A walk around Town, September 2009

Last Saturday afternoon, I took Andrea out for a walk and we lost some of my stuff on the way.
There's one of my Pieces of Cheese!

I had a rest on a wall with these pretty flowers!

This Piece of Cheese really cheers up that bush, don't you think??!

We found out where the Hove Museum is, too. They have a Tea Room here!!!

Unfortunately, the Museum was closed so we couldn't go in. Andrea says we'll come back again when it's open and have a look round.

We saw this very interesting looking building in the garden. It's sort of like a Pagoda, except Andrea reckons it's Indian.

I left one of my postcards on the railings outside the Museum!

And we put another Piece of Cheese in this bush!

On the way home, we tied another postcard to this railing. It was a lovely little walk around town in the sunshine!!

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