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Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Day in the Office!

Last week, Andrea took me to Work. We lost another CD on the way to Bus Stop!

We also sat on Bench to wait for Bus to arrive to take us into town.

When we got off Bus, we had a little walk to get to Office and went past a pretty little Tea Shop!

I met Parrot again at Andrea's desk!! I showed him my new Security Blanket!
I think he's a bit jealous.

I then discovered Rat Mat!! Andrea says it's also called Mouse Mat and it's for Mice to sit on!!
I have my own seat at Andrea's desk!!

I showed Goose my new Security Blanket too! Goose's owner tried to steal it but I didn't let her.

I helped Andrea eat her lunch too.
I'm a very helpful Mouse, you know!!

Then I found a big basket of sweeties!! (American's call them Candy). These are chewy ones from Spain and taste of bananas and pineapple and cherries and raspberries and all sorts of things! I like sweeties....!

After work, I rode home in Andrea's bag!
I like having days out!

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