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Sunday, 15 November 2009

We found Dragons!

The very last day of August was A Day Off Work in England, so I took Andrea out for another walk!! We found this New Wool Shop near where we live, that also grow their own sheep!!

A bit further up, we had a rest in a special Cow Seat!

And after that, we found some Fish!!! I didn't know there were so many animals here!

Then we started losing some of my art around town!! My painted CDs look really pretty in bushes!

We hid another one in a Banana Bush!!

We came across a row of very pretty red brick buildings that Andrea says are Victorian. I wonder why Victoria has so many?

Mind you, she has some nice gates to tie my postcards on!

And we found a pretty white horse, too!

Even the side windows are Curious!!

But then I spotted Two Dragons on the roof and I got scared!!
They don't look like they're friendly!

Oh, now I'm worried....!

Hopefully they won't spot where I'm hiding my postcards and breath fire on them!!

Yup, that one's well hidden too!

Oh good, another gate to tie one on!

We also found a very interesting blue and green Muriel on this building...

And those chimney pots are rather amazing!!

We walked past another shop that had a Blue Van in it with Mini Smurf Boards on top! Andrea says that a Smurf Board is used to ride on a Sea Wave.
I'd rather just Wave Back at the Sea.

We stopped off at the Internet Cafe and we found out that Hammie is making me a card!!
Oh, I'm really excited now!! I love getting mail!

On the way home, I tied another card by Shed Door B.

And then we decorated this bicycle too!

That card looks really pretty next to these plants!

We had to stop off at Super Market on the way home, so we tied our Very Last Postcard to this trolley!!
We had a fun day out even if it WAS a bit scarey!

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