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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie's trip to Isle of Wight, Day Three

On Sunday, Andrea said we were going home so I helped her pack.

I managed to squeeze in all my new toys into my own backpack though!!

And they let me ride Dash in the car!!!! First of all though, we were off to do some more Very Important Shopping. Excellent!!

Busy Bee Garden Centre? But we haven't got a garden..... won't hurt to look around though, I've never been to Garden Centre before....

OH!!! CRAFT SECTION!! Ah, now I understand why we're here!!!

And feather boas too!! It's a bit too big for me though...!

I rode Dash in the car again.... wonder where we're going now...

Oooh.... Oasis!! Wonder what they've got in here....

Oh what pretty banners!! We could make some of them when we get home!!

Ribbons! We need some of them for my Wonderful cards!!

And little flowers too! Let's get some of these.....!!

We all got hungry after that shopping, so we stopped for coffee and Chocolate Cake!

Back riding Dash again.....!! We're going all the way to Ryde now.

We parked the car, and Lynne had to put some money in a machine to get Ticket.

Then we went for a leisurely stroll along the seafront! I had a little sit-down underneath a little Palm Tree! Didn't know we had those in England....

We went for a walk up the High Street and I left one of my Wonderful Cards tied to a railing!

We saw a Lion and a Unicorn too!

That's the English Channel down there!! We're going to be sailing on that later!

We saw some Doggie Bags in a shop window! Aren't they brilliant!!

Time to go...... My last ride on the Dash Board in Car! I like riding Dash!

We waved goodbye to Lynne and then waited for Catamaran. I like Lynne, she's nice!!

And we're off..... back to Ports Mouth Harbour with those fancy boats!

Yup, this is the right train!!

Whizzing off to Worthing now. This train doesn't go all the way to Hove because they're doing something to the Train Tracks. How will we get back from Worthing then??

Ah! They had Bus waiting for us at Worthing Train Station!!! We got to see the South Downs from the Bus - that's where Watership Down is, and all those rabbits!
What a great little trip!

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