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Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Day up in London, October 2009

Well, today, Andrea surprised me with a day trip up to London!! She said she wanted to book Euro Star to Lille for next year!!!

We visited friends first thing this morning (after Andrea had posted her Passport Application thing).

And then after noon, we did "High Tail It" to the station. Andrea says that means you're rushing because it's important!

We got the 12:49 train from Brighton Station (I've never been there before) to London (but I've been THERE a few times!).

All ready to go!!

When we got there, we got in Line for Subway Ticket. And THEN we found that half the subway was closed down for Renno Vation! (Andrea now thinks that's to do with a thing called Oh Limp Iks which are going to be in London in a few years). So we had to in a Roundabout way to St Pancras Station. Of course, with most of the subway shut down, everyone was using the same trains we were, so we had to play "Sardines" on the subway train!! Andrea didn't have the elbow space to get the camera out, but she had me safely tucked away in her jacket pouch, so I didn't get lost!

When we got to St Pancras, we found the ticket office, and went in to talk to them. They said that because we wanted to go more than four months time from now, we had to go back on October 28th to book the dates we wanted!!! After ALL that rushing!!

So.... by this time, it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and we were both starving, so Andrea took me to a Pizza place and we had a Margerita Pizza and a cola.....

We were both SOOOOO hungry, we practically inhaled the pizza in about 5 minutes flat!!!

Then we decided that because the subway was so busy, we'd get the bus back to Victoria Station. So we did..... but because most of the subway was shut, everyone else decided to use Bus, and we played "Sardines" again!!! (No elbow space to take pictures there, either!!) But it was a fun ride! We went past Royal Academy of Dramatic Art which is where all the actors learn how to act, and we went past 52 Club. Don't know what that's a Club of, but I think you need to be 52 to join. We went past Tas Restaurant near the British Museum, which I've eaten at! And we went past Dominion Theater, and then down Oxford Street.... there were so many people out shopping, they were all playing Sardines on the sidewalk too!!! Then we went down Park Lane, where all the fancy houses are and all the fancy car shops like Aston Martin and Rolls Royce and Porsche and then we went round Bucking Ham Palace where Queenie lives. She didn't invite us in though, which I thought was a bit mean.

And then we got the train from London....

.... to Hove .....

And then got the bus to the Internet Cafe to tell you all what I did today!! We might not have got our Euro Star tickets, but it was a fun Day Out anyways!!

On the way back from the internet cafe, we passed a Rug Shop and one of the rugs in the window had Ladybug Beasties on it!

And now I'm home with my Security blanket!

We even found some Jigaw Puzzle bits and another CD to play with too!

So I shlepped the CD with gesso.....

And made some more artists books with the Jigsaw Puzzle bits!!

It was a fun Day Out anyways!! I like Bus Ride in London!!!!

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