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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie's Trip to Isle of Wight, Day One, March 2009

Last Friday, Andrea said we were going on another trip, and put me in charge of packing again.
I'm good at packing now!!
All set - where are we going this time??

Oh!! Up to the train station!! Ports Mouth Harbour....oh, what do they do there?
Andrea says it's where all the ships live, and the Navy has a Base there too.

Off on the train.... what a gorgeous day for travelling!!

Here's Ports Mouth Harbour - wow!! That's some ship!!

Then we got on a Fast Cat. Oh, it's that wobbly blue stuff again - the English Channel!! Are we going to France again?? I didn't know cats could swim that far.....

That's a cat?? Oh, it's a catamaran.....!

We're at Ryde Pier Head now. We're going down there, to Ryde.

The tide was out, so Andrea helped me make a Sand Castle!!!
I'm King of the Castle! Yippee!!

We sailed from all the way over there? Andrea says that's a mile to Ports Mouth Harbour and we're on an island called the Isle of Wight.

We read a little history thing all about Ryde. Apparently, someone called Queen Victoria built a posh house here a long time ago. She's related to Queen Elizabeth who lives in London.

Andrea took to me to see the Arcade games, and showed me how to play the 2p shuffle boards.

I won a prize??

Later on, we went back to Ryde Pier Head to meet Andrea's friend. We got Text Message saying that her car was broken and we had to get the Train back down the Pier again.
It's an old London Subway Train!!!

Then we got on a Number 9 bus to Newport Bus Station.....

And Lynne was there to meet us!!!!

Then we got on another bus to a place called Caris Brooke.

We arrived!!

I've had a brilliant day!! Andrea bought me a whirlygig, and I found that piece of green glass at the beach, and I won three prizes on the 2p shuffle board!!!
I'm such a lucky mouse!!

We even had another Beanie Bathtub in our room!! I played with my rubber duckie in it!

Andrea said I had to get in and have a wash as well though....

Time for bed....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

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