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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie at the Isle of Wight, Day Two

We got up for breakfast, and watched Garden while drinking coffee! Now THAT's a view!

I met Chaz Collie Dog. He was funny!

And I also met Tinker Parrot too. I don't think she liked me, she was growling.

After breakfast, we all went for a walk to Newport to do some Very Important Shopping. Now, I've done that before with Andrea and she's very good at it!!

We went past a very pretty little church....

And even found a special Beanie seat!! They even have Beanie seats on Isle of Wight!

The first shop we went to was an art shop!! I love those!
These papers are brilliant, let's get some!

And next door, they had belly wiggle bags! Now, these are good....!

In New Port, we saw another pretty church.

We then went to a place called Quay Arts, which is an art gallery with a very good coffee and cake shop!

Andrea bought me my own special Red Nose, to help raise money for Red Nose Day Comic Relief. Do Something Funny For Money!!!! I'm laughing my head off!

We also had coffee and carrot cake. Andrea let me eat all the icing, it was yummy!!

We went round the gallery too. The artist paints on driftwood which he finds on the beach. I think that's a very clever idea which I'd like to try...

He also paints about found objects too! I like this guy!

And this is an installation piece by school children using other objects found on the beach.

We then got on a bus with a TV on it!!

We went to a place called Gods Hill.

And I met some pigs!!!!

They had mice here too! Not very talkative though....

But these mice were fun! They squeaked!

In another shop, they had tricycles for mice!!

Me and Andrea then had a sit down - all this shopping is quite exhausting, you know.

Oh!! We should've brought Chaz!

Cakes?!? Not as nice as the Laduree ones though...!

Chocolate MICE??? These guys are cannibals here!!!!

In another shop, we saw these glorious quilts!!

And a mouse sized caravan!! I WANT ONE!!!

What a gorgeous doorway! Let's go in here too...!

After all that shopping and walking, we were absolutely starving, so we stopped for lunch. We had an All Day Breakfast! Andrea says when you're on holiday, you can have breakfast at any time of day you want!!

We then decided it was time to go home for a rest from all the shopping. While we waited for the bus, we met Horse!! I wonder if he lives with Traveler??

Ah, here we go! On the bus back to New Port!

And then another bus back Home!

Ah! Here we are, arriving back Home!!

Gosh! We did an awful lot of shopping today....!!

Later on, after the car was mended, we all went out. I am actually sitting on Dash Board, but it was night time and there weren't any lights on.....!

We went to Movies!!! We saw Movie called Slumdog Millionaire and it was brilliant!
I want to learn that Bollywood dance at the end!!

When we got back, I was pooped! After a hot chocolate, I went straight to bed!

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