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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie's Shopping in Amsterdam, January 2009

We did SOOOO much shopping in Amsterdam!! We got smelly Italian soaps, real coffee beans, fancy tea and some little miniature Chinese Ink Sticks!!

And before we went on our Canal Boat ride, I found three green Beanie backpacks and a Casino 100 coin and a woolly Beanie scarf!! I'm so lucky!

I've got all these paper bits to make Stuff with!! More art that I can make for people to find, I can't wait!

AND Andrea bought chocolate!!!! I love chocolate!!

Andrea helped me make my very own Backpack from one of those green bags I found in Amsterdam!! (you'll see that I also found a brown tassle scarf, my own Holland Casino 100 coin and a blue band which I can carry in my new back pack!) Andrea even bought me a special Amsterdam patch to put on as well!

She even sewed on a fancy gold lace strap so I can carry my backpack!
It fits perfectly!!
I can carry my own scarf and money without losing anything now!

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