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Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Forest in the Middle of Town? October 2009

A few weeks ago, Andrea said there was a Special Enchanted Forest specially made in town and she was going to take me. Is this it? With the daisy?! No?
We had to take Bus into Town first and when we got off Bus, we went past this Chocolate shop! Is the Forest in here?! No? Oh.....

OH!! Somebody made something out of some bicycle wheels and Found Stuff!

And there's a big Gold Star over there!! Is the Forest down here??

Oh! And someone made this lady a skirt out of some more bicycle wheels and found stuff!
I like doing stuff like this!

There were some people singing here, and the audience were sat on Hay Bales!
In the Middle of the Road!!

OH!! This must be the Enchanted Forest then!!

And they've got Toadstools too! Wonder if we'll meet the Toad?

I got to sit by my Very Own Tree!!

There's the Forest!

And it has Candy Trees in it! I love this Forest!

And there's even mushrooms and Bugs here too!

And it even has pixies and elves here...!

There were some more people singing down there.... and more people sititng on Hay Bales!

Andrea took me to another chocolate shop on the way home called "Pick and Mix" and she said I could choose my own chocolates!
I love going out with Andrea!!!

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