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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Beanie's Big adventure, Day Three

On Wednesday 10th September, we got up in time for breakfast at the hotel. We had real French french bread, a mini baguette, which was just the right size for me! It tasted yummy!
First thing we did was go to the Post Office to "lose" a couple of postcards to Andrea's friends, Chazzy the Dog and Sam.

Then we hit the town and lost another wonderful card on a very pretty door handle.

When we got off the subway (they call it The Metro in Paris) we saw this fabulous bridge guarded by real gold Big Scary Animals. I was afraid of them.

Oh, that's that Blackpool Tower, isn't it? No? Andrea says that's the Eiffel Tower but we're not going up there because we have Important Shopping to do and apparently that's much more fun. I've never been shopping.

Andrea says that might be the French Parliament building. It looks to me a bit like the British Museum that we went to in London, so maybe it's just full of Very Old Things that don't actually do anything anymore.

Oh look at this! Andrea says that a friend of hers, a horse called Traveler who lives in Nevada, came to visit Paris last April. Maybe the French loved him so much they built this statue for him. It's outside the Musee d'Orsay which is an art museum, and I can hang one of my wonderful cards on one of those spikes. I'm sure Traveler must be wonderful if he's a friend of Andrea's. He has a blog too, so I might go read about him later.

AH!! This is a lovely art shop called Sennelier - this must be where Andrea does her Very Important Shopping!! More crayons, how lovely!!

Oh, and paint as well?? Andrea says she's going to buy some pigments here to make paint with!! Hope she lets me use some for my paintings, that would be brilliant!!

GASP!!! What an AMAZING cake!!! This is a shop called Laduree's which is near the art shop we went to!!! Oh can we go in??? PLEASE can we go in????

LOOK AT ALL THOSE MACARONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh now I understand why shopping is Very Important and Blackpool Tower isn't!!!!

Andrea then took me across a bridge. She says this is Pont Neuf, which is pronounced "pont nerf". Andrea says that Americans pronounce it "pont noof" which always makes her laugh!! This is the River Seine that goes through Paris.

They have pyramids in Paris??? Apparently, this is the entrance to The Louvre, a HUGE art gallery. They have a famous picture here called "Mona Lisa", which the French call "La Jocande".

After lunch, we visited a very pretty Metro station, that's decorated with glass baubles!

I tied one of my wonderful cards to near the entrance!! But can you see it?!?!

Andrea then took me to another shop called La Drougerie. She says it's Magic in here, like Aladdin's Cave. Who's Aladdin though??

Oh look at these!!!!! Aladdin must be a collector of beads and trimmings!! I want to see his cave, he must have loads of stuff just like me and Andrea!!!!

And just LOOK at all those beads!! Aren't they fabulous!

Then we took the subway (sorry, Metro) to another shop called Entree Des Fournissers which Andrea says is one of her favourites. I like going shopping with Andrea!!

Hoots, this is a pretty courtyard. Is that the shop over there, I wonder??

Gosh, just LOOK at that wonderful furry lace!!!! Isn't it gorgeous!! Andrea says she makes belly dance costumes with furry lace like that - they must be fabulous!!

I left one of my wonderful cards by the pretty fuschia plants on our way out.

We then took another Metro train to a place called Anvers. Then we went up a very steep hill and saw the Sacre Coeur cathedral. Wow!!

That's quite an amazing building.......

After that, we went back to the hotel and crashed out. Look at all this shopping we did!! Andrea was right, shopping is Very Important!!

And she bought me my very own Macarons!!!!! WOWWEE!!!
She says that I have to save them for a Special Occasion though.... but aren't they pretty!!

I then did some more writing of my New Novel.

After that we went to a restaurant called Terrace 17. We had gambas risotto - gambas are shrimp - and then that was followed by a tiramisu made with strawberries and champagne and dusted on top with chocoate. That glass is bigger than me!!

I'm pooped. Wake me in the morning.

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