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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Beanie's Big Adventure, Day Six

On Saturday 13th September, we all met up for breakfast again. I'm really going to miss this chocolate bread, you know!! I wonder if we can get it in England?

Well, I'm all ready. I sat underneath a very pretty tree outside the hotel, waiting for the others to bring their bags down.

Back at Gare du Nord again, waiting to be told which platform our train to Calais leaves from. Andrea says it's a TGV train, like that little train in the Travel Agents' window. Eurostar had a few trains running today, but not many.

Here we go!! Off to Calais again!! Hope we don't get stopped.

Oh good, we all arrived safely in Calais!! Best wait for the others, make sure they all get off at the right stop. Yup, there's Simon and Corinne, they're here!

Outside the train station, Andrea said that tower belongs to Calais Town Hall. She says there's a famous statue outside there by a man called Rodin, called "The Buggers of Calais". Sounds like the guys that run Eurostar.......! We had to find a bus to take us to "Ferry" but there weren't very many of them. We had to wait round the corner for ages.

Ah!! Is this where we go for the Ferry? It says "Departure" and we're certainly departing France now, so I guess this is the right place.

All on board!! We're all on the Ferry now!! I wonder what a Ferry does though? Andrea never told me.

Here's our two Japanese friends, they're on board too! Excellent, we can go now!

What's that wobbly bluey green stuff outside?? What?? Andrea says that's the English Channel and we went underneath it on Eurostar last Tuesday!! You mean we're floating on top now?

Andrea took me On Deck to show me the English Channel, after we did this thing called "Start Sailing". Wow!! Look at all that water!!! Isn't it big?!

Andrea says that thing's called "The Funnel". Wow! It's HUGE!!

Look at those white things in the distance!! What? That's England?? You mean we're home now??!

Andrea says those are the "White Cliffs Of Dover" and they're really famous! They're so pretty!! We're home!!

Ah!! We've arrived in a place called Dover!! Oh I see, the white cliffs live in Dover on the seafront!! We had to get another bus from here to go to the train station. Simon said it was his birthday today, so we all sung him "Happy Birthday" while we waited for the bus!!!
When we got to the train station, me and the Japanese ladies got on the same train to London and then Paul, Corinne and Simon all got on another train to go to where they live. We all said goodbye at the train station. It was sad to say goodbye to them, they were really nice people.
I hope they keep in touch.

Ah, another train going back to London! I've been to London!!

After a long train journey, we GOT HOME!!!! YAY!!!
It's been a Big Adventure, but I'm glad to me home!

Andrea said that getting home is also a Special Occasion, and i can finish off my macarons for dinner if I want to!
Get your hands off, Andrea, these are MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like going on holiday, even if we DO get stranded! This has been fun!

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