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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Beanie's Big adventure, Day Five

On Friday 12th September, we met our new friends, Corinne and Paul, Simon and the two Japanese ladies at breakfast. They let me eat the chocolate bread again since they knew it was my favourite! I hope there isn't a shortage of this stuff, I love it!

We then all went to a place called "Travel Agent" to try and find out how we were all going to get home. That's Simon on the left, and Paul on the right, with a very nice French lady checking on her computer for a thing called "Ferry". I don't know what that is, though. Andrea said not to worry, so I'll try not to!

In the window of "Travel Agent" there was a little TGV train! I wonder if we'll use one of those? By lunch time, Andrea said everything was sorted out, and we would all be travelling home together tomorrow!!

Andrea then took me out to lunch and she ordered me a "Caesar's Salad". Apparently "Caesar" was like the King or Emperor of a place called Rome, and Caesar's Salad was invented especially for him in a castle called "Caesar's Palace" which is in a place called Las Vegas. (sounds kinda foreign to me) Andrea says that since I'm eating food made for a King, I can be King Beanie of Paris for the whole day!!!

After lunch, we went for a walk by the river. Over there, that's the Palais de Justice. Maybe we should send Eurostar there for not helping us get a hotel last night??

We crossed over a bridge and had a look round. That's a fancy entrance, eh? Andrea wanted to show me a place called Notre Dame, but it was really busy around there because some guy called Pope had come to Paris to talk to lots of people. There was also lots of Police vans around too, so we headed back towards the river. After last night at the station, I don't like crowds.

Oh, isn't that a pretty clock!! That's on the Palais de Justice.

We walked past lots of street vendors and book sellers by the river. There's a picture there of a very angry looking cat - I wonder if he got stranded by Eurostar too?? I know the feeling...!

There's that pyramid again!! We had fabulous weather today, it was glorious!

We walked past a pet shop and saw some of my cousins in the window!! It's not fair that they don't have a bidet to wash in though.....

There's another outdoor shower thing! This one's bigger though.....

We then went back to the hotel for a rest. Andrea said that being stranded in Paris meant it was A Special Occasion and so I could start eating my Macarons that she bought me!!!

We met up with our new friends for dinner again. We went to a Posh Restaurant for dinner and Andrea ordered me Salmon with a creamy salad which was very tasty!!

Corinne took this picture of me and Andrea sharing an "Iceburg" which is mint flavoured ice cream with hot chocolate sauce on top!!! I think Andrea likes icecream and chocolate as much as I do, she looks very happy there!!

Then we all crashed out at the hotel. Andrea said it was best to get an early night because we had lots of travelling to do the next day.

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