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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie's Amsterdam Scrapbook, Day Two

On Monday, after breakfast, we went out and had coffee. I found those green Beanie Bags on the way, and that Casino Coin that's worth lots of money!! AND a scarf! I was so excited!!

Then we went on a Blue Boat Canal ride!!! It was the bestest Canal ride I've ever had in my life! It was so exciting to go underneath all those bridges and go past all those houseboats! They were so pretty!!! Even the wobbly houses were pretty!

After the boat ride, we went up to the Flower Market and went into a Chinese Art Shop! I bought some miniature Ink Sticks - one turquoise and one violet. Andrea says she's going to show me how to use them! I've never done Chinese painting before!

After lunch on the big Dam Square (onion soup, YUMMY!) we went to Geels Coffee shop and bought some coffee beans! Andrea says that when she's finished the coffee, I can have the bags to use for envelopes!! I've already turned one into an envelope and it's really pretty!

We then walked down to the Post Office to post some postcards. We then went to the Westerkerk near where Anne Frank lived, losing lots of art on the way, and then we went back to Leidseplein for a yummy Irish Coffee! It gave me the hiccups though!

For dinner, we went to Tong Ah, a Chinese restaurant that has a Dragon in it! It didn't dance for us though. I offered to belly wiggle for him, but I was too stuffed after dinner!
We have a fabooooo day! It was terrific!

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