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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie's Amsterdam Scrapbook, Day One, January 2009

This is my Boarding Pass for Air O'Plane that we took to Amsterdam!! Gat Wick was really exciting!

On Air O'Plane, Andrea bought a Snack Pack which had cheesey Crackers in it (I liked those!) and Creamy Cheese (I liked that too!) and they even gave my my own cutlery to keep! Wasn't that nice of them?!

When we got to Amsterdam, we had to get a Double Decker Train into town - they were brilliant!! That's my train ticket there.

Then we checked into Vondel Park Stayokey Hostel - that's our receipt. We shared the top bunk and had a lovely view of the park! Hope we get to stay there again.....

Then we went Shopping for those lovely Italian smelly soaps!! We left lots of art around to be found too!

For dinner, we went to an Indian restaurant called Mayur. That's their business card. It's a posh double sided one - and they have the yummiest Mango juice too!!

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