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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Isle of Wight, Day One, August 2009

Last Friday, 31st July, Andrea said we were going on another trip!! I'm good at packing now, I'll do that!

All done - where are we going??

Ah, the train station..... waiting for the train to Ports Mouth Harbour. Excellent!

And we're off!!

Well here we are. Oh! That's the swimming cat!! I've been on one of those before!

I like riding on a swimming cat!! There's a big Ferry going somewhere...

Ryde Pier Head!!!! I've been here too!! Oh, please can we go on the beach!!

Coo, they have lots of pretty shells here. Can I have one?

We found a Rock Pool.... but it has lots of shells in it and no rocks!!

And we found a feather too!! I like finding things....

We watched Tide Come In...

And then had a rest on Sea Weed.

I wrote a message in the sand as well, just so's people knew I'd visited.

Andrea said we had just enough time to go play on the 2p shuffle board!! I like playing this game!

And I won another prize too!!

Lynne came to collect us and take us Home. Look at all these wonderful things I found!

After we'd had a cup of Tea, Chazzie Dog took us for a walk! He shouted "Cheese" when we got the camera out!!

And off we go....!

I lost some of my art too... hope somebody finds it.

We saw a Castle in the distance. Lynne said it's Caris Brooke Castle and King Charles 1st got locked up in it. Wow.... wonder if he's still there....?

Here's another picture of Caris Brooke Castle...

When we got home, I said hello to Tinker Parrot. She didn't growl at me this time - maybe she remembered me?

We had Pizza for dinner! I like Pizza - it has cheese on it! And I love cheese!

Then we got in Car and went into town....

And we came here for Drink! How exciting! I've never been in a pub before!

When we got home, Chazzie was very pleased to see us again! Lynne helped me take this picture of them.

Gosh, I'm whooped. I've had a very exciting day today...!

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