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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Isle of Wight, Day Two

On Saturday 1st August, we got up and had breakfast looking out to hte back garden.

Gosh, they have a lovely view here...!

We fed Tinker Parrot some breakfast. She seems to like dried banana and monkey nuts the best! She even let me scratch her head afterwards!!

After we had breakfast, we got in Car and went somewhere. I got to ride Dash again!!

Oh!! We ended up in a place called Donkey Sanctuary at Wroxall.

They save Geese from extinction here apparently.

Oh!! They have Donkeys too!! I've never met Donkey before.

Hello! Donkey's nice!! He looks a bit sad in the rain though, and they didn't have any Shed to stay in to keep dry either.

And here's another one!!

They had Pig too!! I like pig!

And I met Cat too - he was in charge of selling the bags. And very good at it too - nobody stole any!!

Then we went back outside and met some more Donkey. The sign said not to feed them, but they sniffed the apple in Andrea's pocket and since they asked so nicely, we gave them a piece each!! No-one told us off either, so I guess that was OK.

Here's me with my new friends!

Then we got back in car, and I rode Dash again. I wonder where we're going now....

We went to Gods Hill for lunch and we had another All Day Breakfast!!

After lunch, we went for a stroll round the shops. I found some cats and mice!

In another shop, I found a Very Special Sign.

And even had a ride in a special Mouse-cycle!!

And we even found a windmill!!

Then we went to a spcial shop that made glass objects.

Oh wow!! Those are fabulous!!

Oh gosh, that's pretty!

And here's me and Scare Crow!!
Crow's are very scarey but he doesn't look anything like one...

And we found Andrea's favourite shop!!!

A chocolate fountain?? OK, how do we get in??

Andrea says this is the chocolate makers workshop but this part was closed to the public, we could only watch through the window. But there's no-one here - who'd know if we went in to taste test?? I'm sure they won't mind...

After that, we went into another shop that had wonderful quilts! I want to try making one of these!!

They had bobble bags too!! These are fun!

I even found a long lost relative here too!!

And we found a fish pond too!

Then I got to ride Dash again - wonder where we're going this time??

Castle?? Lynne said this was called Caris Brooke Castle and has been around for a Long Time!

Coo! That's some front door, eh?!

They have Donkeys here too?? How fab!!

Wow!! This is a Very Old Castle!!

Lynne said that the Donkey's did demonstrations over here, pulling water up from a Very Deep Well except they didn't really pull the water up because Donkey's don't actually work here. They just stay here to welcome the visitors.

Gosh, that's a long way up.... very steep stairs! Don't think I'll go up there, I'm scared of heights.

This is Jigsaw, one of the Donkey's that live here!!

We stopped for a coffee and piece of cake. Andrea says that's called Bat And Berg Cake and it has marzipan round the outside. MMmmm.... I like Marzipan!!

We then had another wander round the Castle. It has lots of Very Steep Staircases here that i was scared to go up!!

This is where King Charles 1st stayed (it used to be a proper room then, with walls and a ceiling) when he was locked up here. Andrea says it was a long time ago, maybe about 1650 or something. Before I was born, then?

There's lots of little nooks and crannies here too...!

And here's more...!! Andrea says that even Queen Victoria used to stay here before she died in 1901. But we don't know if it was this particular bit though...

Gosh, there's a lot to see in this Castle!!

This used to be an Oven. Oh don't cook me!!! Please don't cook me!! I've been a Very Good Mouse today, really!!

Phew!! Andrea says I was being a Silly Little Mouse and she'd never ever cook me!!

Friends, Rodents and Country Mice..... Lend Me Your Cheese!!!!

Oh there's Lynne!! We haven't lost her!!

I wonder how many other mice live here...?

This is the roof of the Chapel.... wow! That's pretty!

Oh!! I can sell my poo as compost??? Really!?!?!

They have "B" for "Beanie" on the front gate!! 1900? Is that when i was born?? Or was that when King Beanie lived here??

We went home afterwards.... that's some view from the Castle, eh?!

And riding Dash again!

When we got home, we unloaded all our Very Important Shopping!! I like Going Shopping!! We had Fish And Chips for dinner and we were so hungry, we ate it all before Andrea could take a picture of it!!

Then we went out again!! It was a bumpy ride though, which is why the picture is shaky!!

Oh Gosh!! What a lovely sunset!!

We're going to the Movies?? Ah!! We went to see "Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6" which turned out to be a very good movie!! Some bits scared me a bit but it was still a very good movie!

Home again, home again, trippety trot!!

I'm whooped....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

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