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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie Goes Gospel, June 2009

Back in May, Andrea told me about a thing called Brighton Festival and how she'd got ticket to a Gospel Concert. She said she was taking me with her!! Oh gosh - wonder what they do there...

First of all, we went out for lunch and had a BLT. I wondered how I'd manage to eat all that, but Andrea said she'd help!!

Then we got a bus along the coast.....

And got off outside here. Coo, looks a bit posh.

Roe Dean?? Andrea says that's a very posh school for people with lots of money.

We got a view of Brighton Marina from higher up the hill...

They had things called Turrets here. We weren't allowed to take pictures when we got in the concert hall, but the Gospel Concert was brilliant!! There were two choirs, the first one being the Workshop Choir for beginners - they all waved at us when the curtain opened!! I waved back and then when they started singing, I started jumping up and down on the seats and started singing too!! I didn't know any of the words but no-one seemed to mind at all!!!! After a thing called "Interval" (which is when the audience have a rest) the Main Choir did some singing. Their opening was fun as well - Andrea said it reminded her of somebody called Bertold Brecht but I've never heard of him. I started jumping up and down on the seats again, and started singing along and clapping!! It was SOOOO much fun!!
I love gospel concerts!!

After the concert, we went down the hill and saw some pretty countryside on the outskirts of Brighton.

We walked to the Bus Stop and had a look at the English Channel. It goes a long way, this Channel.

Then we got on Bus and had a seat on the top deck!! That's us going past the Marina again.
We had to change onto another bus to come home and it was a fabulous day out!!

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