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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie and the Secret Santa, December 2008

Andrea took me to work again last week. She said it was something to do with Secret Santa. It's a very well kept secret, I've never heard of it. We went on the bus again and Andrea let me look out of the window!
Well, here we are again!!

Oooh, look at all these fab cards on her desk! Aren't they brilliant!!

Oh, they've got a tree here too. Not as nice as the one I decorated at home.... what are those things underneath, though?

PRESENTS??? And I get to open them??
CHOCOLATE???? Who knew that I love chocolate?!

Oh, mince pies too? How wonderful! I like this Secret Santa guy, he's nice!

More chocolate!!?! I can't eat all this!! Andrea says don't worry, we can put it under our tree at home. You mean we get to take this home with us? Really?!

And a giant choccie cookie too??! I'll be completely stuffed!

After work, Andrea took me round town to look at all the Fairy Lights.

Oh, those are rather fancy.....

and this place put them round the front door!

You can get PINK trees???? Fab!

When we got home, we put my chocolate under the tree for "Later". Couldn't eat them all now, I'm totally full up from that giant Cookie!!

I like Christmas!! I must remember to share the chocolates with Boo and Pookums though, I'm sure they'd like eating chocolates!

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