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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie at the London Expo, Day One

Andrea told me we were going on another trip somewhere, so I got busy with the packing!!

I then took her up to the train station.... Oh! We're off to London again! I like London!

Off we go....!

We then got Underground.... but the Undgerground line we needed to use wasn't working! We got stranded before we even arrived at where we were staying!!
That's OK, we've been stranded before, we know what to do...!

We got off Underground at Tower Hill. Gosh! That's the Tower of London, where Henry VIII killed some of his wives. (well, two of them!) I hope we're not staying there....

We had a little look round though, and saw a silver Griffin. That's the English Flag on his armour - the red cross on the white background. That's different from the Union Jack, which is the flag for the United Kingdom, which consists of England, Wales and Scotland. And Northern Ireland, but some Irish say that should belong to the rest of Ireland, which is a Republic.

Oh!! There's Tower Bridge!
Andrea said we had to cross over that to get to where we're going.

Here we go! I hope it doesn't open up in the middle just as we're crossing!! I don't know how to swim.

Half way across now....!

It was a long walk to where we were staying - it's Thameside Youth Hostel! I've not stayed at this one before....

They said we could have whichever bed we wanted, so I decided we'd have this one!

Best check on the view....

Oh! I can see a Steakhouse over there! At least we won't have to go far for dinner. After that long walk, I'm pooped!

We went for a walk to the Thames after we'd checked in.

Wow! There's some posh houses round here...!

We saw a pretty mosaic muriel of a swan! He looks a bit scared though....

Then we found the Brunel Museum. Isambard Brunel is a famous engineer who made the first tunnels ever to use for London's sewers. Before him, all the poo got put straight into the Thames, and it really stunk!

We saw a very pretty table made out of blue and white tiles!

Gosh, that's pretty! I want one!

We had a little sit down at the table. It looks like each tile was hand made by a different person!

Here's a model of one of Brunel's machines....

OH!! It's a special Beanie seat with a train! I can be the train driver!!

And here's the whole train!

They had another Beanie seat of the Tower Bridge!!

That's one of the Towers! Oh, I like it here!

That's on the wall of the museum. I think Andrea must've been tired after the long walk, her arms shook a bit when she took the photo. That's OK, she's tired...

After that, we went back to the Steakhouse for a beer.
I just needed this!!
At 7 p.m., we went upstairs to the restaurant and had dinner. First, we had Tiger Prawns in Garlic butter.

Then, we had Arbroath Smokey Fishcakes with Fat Chips!! These were FABOOO!!
The food gets served on square plates here, so I guess this must be a square meal.
I like square meals!

And then we had a Cappucino. The food's good here but the coffee isn't....
Oh well... At least we don't have to go far to get home!

We had a quick stroll to the Thames to watch the sun go down.

Gosh that's pretty....

I'm totally pooped now. Wonder if the Underground will be working tomorrow....

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