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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie at the Art Exhibition Day One, May 2009

Last Friday, 29th May, Andrea said we were going on another trip. But I'd only just unpacked the case from last time....!!

OK, so I'm done now. Let's go...!

Back at the train station.... we're going to London again?!?!

OH!! It's a Pullman train!! Andrea says that Hercule Poirot used to ride these back in the 1920s! Are we going to be detectives this weekend??

They serve Posh Tea on these trains, and even have tablecloths and lamps on the tables!

Oh, now I've been here before!! This is the Jacobean Mansion House built in the early 1600s that's now a Youth Hostel! Oh, I like it here....!

When we got here, we heard operatic singing in the background. How civilised...!

Apparently, the reception people had originally put us in the modern building, but asked if we wanted a top bunk, middle bunk or a bottom bunk. Andrea said a bottom bunk would be good, because they're easier for me to climb into... I have small legs, you see. So they said would we mind being in the old building then? Would we "mind"?? Is the Pope a lesbian?? I THINK NOT!! So we got a bottom bunk in the old building! I'm Lord Beanie Sinclair-Mouse again, Detective in Chief of the Manor House!!!

Now, we'd best check on the Manor, make sure there's no surreptitious loitering....

No, all clear here as well. Good...

Ah, we have guard Koi checking the back entrance. Excellent. Keep up the good work!
And Moorhens too! They make excellent guardsmen!
After we'd settled in, we went to the Art Shop down the road for some Important Shopping. All their sketch books were on special offer!! Oh, excellent detecting, we've saved money!
And Chunky pencils too!!

Then we went off to Tottenham Court Road. I love the mosaics there!

And then went to Andrea's favourite art shop!! Love those crayons!

OH!! I want some of those gel markers!! The colours are glorious!!

Then we went a bit further up and soaked up the sun at the British Museum! I just love the seats here!!

Then it was back to the Manor to unload all our shopping!!

Everyone was enjoying the sunshine in Holland Park too!!

We went to Byrons on High Street Kensington for a Byron Burger, that came with cheese and bacon on top!!
Followed by an Americano Coffee. I guess this is the way the Americans have it.

We then went back up to the Manor House. We heard Opera being sung again, but they wouldn't let us in because we didn't have Ticket. So we stood outside and joined in! Very loudly!! We got some odd looks but I'm Lord Beanie Sinclair-Mouse with a yellow Aston Martin, so I can make a quick getaway!!!

After that, I sat down and worked on my latest Novel. It's coming along quite nicely now...

I'm pooped. Wake me in the morning...........

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