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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beanie at The Art Exhibition, Day Two

On Saturday 30th May, we went down to the dining area for breakfast - muesli, toast and jam and coffee. That'll do me!!

We went for a walk through Holland Park and did some littering. Somebody had left their scooter behind, so I tied one of my tags to the handlebars!

We had a wander around High Street Kensington and came across this pretty Church...

Oh! It's Armenian! The Church was built by somebody called Caloust Sarkis Gulbenkian in 1922,

We also found the EMI building and it had a huge guitar at the front!!!

That tree looks so much happier with a tag tied to it!

We then went down to High Street Kensington Underground station to get the Tube into town!

Oh! We're going to Horrids again!!

Through the food halls.... they've got piggy statues there! I hope they get all the leftovers...

And fishy mosaics! I like mosaics!

We stopped for a big coffee and a Danish Pastry! That'll do for me, what are you going to have?

Then we went up the Egyptian Stairway... they had a lady up the top singing opera over the balcony! It was lovely to listen to her while we were going up the escalators!

Oh! Art Exhibition!! I like art exhibitions! And we met this guy last week, didn't we?!

Oh there he is! With Jill, his wife!

Getting sorted out ready to sell his paintings! He still wears driving gloves too, even to drive his wheelchair.

Nearly ready...

And ready to meet the crowds!! He even said hello to us too!! Andrea bought a cat print and he signed it on the back specially for her!!! Wow! Andrea had a chat with Jill and Sally too - they've been very busy this week and are going on a proper holiday soon so they don't have to think about anything for a while! Good idea!!

After all the excitement, we went outside to do some more littering. Saw a water pyramid!

And then had a sit down on a little bench. Phew...!

Ooh, we can jazz up this bike as well!

LADUREE!!! We're going in?!?! Really!!!

Andrea said that because we missed doing this for her birthday last week, we were going to have a belated birthday tea party!!!
Happy Birthday Andrea!! And thank you for inviting me to your birthday Day Out!!! I love it!

After we ate the cheese sandwiches, we had a Chocolate Bread (which Andrea let me eat because she knows they're my favourite!) and another brioche thing with sugary bits on top!

And then we shared the raspberry tart! This was DELICIOUS!!

And then it was back to the Hostel to deposit all our shopping! What a brilliant day out!

A Laduree bag?? We got a doggy bag?! Didn't we finish all the cakes???!

And a Beanie Box as well! How fabulous!!

With a chocolate cake inside???????????????!!

We went for a stroll around Holland Park later on and found another art exhibition! It was pottery by one artists and then chinese paintings by another artist from Cumbria! Andrea bought some of the greetings cards, they were pretty.

We went for dinner to a Thai restaurant and started off with fishcakes with a lovely little dip! I like these!

Then we had a King Prawn dish with rice - Andrea ended up wearing some of it!!!
That made me laugh!!!

And then finished off with coffee!

I'm whooped....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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