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Sunday, 15 November 2009

A walk along the Seafront

Last Sunday, I took Andrea for a walk along the beach. Here we are watching the Sea wave at us!! We found those Flip Flop shoes on this beach all on their own so we rescued them!

On the way, we tied a postcard to the railings!

Then we started walking past some Beach Hut, so I tied a postcard to the door handle for the resident to find!!

That's a nice lilacy colour..... we'll put one here too!

Then I spotted the Number of the Beach Hut, all done in Tiles!

And this one is all in Mosaic!! I love Mosaic!!

That one's a fabulous pink! We'll put a card here too!

The pink Beach Hut has a good number, too!!! I think they grow flowers here.

Ruth's Hut? I think Ruth must be Irish, because Andrea says that's an Irish Shamrock on it.

And Ruth painted a white bit at the bottom of the door!!

There were a lot of Rain Cloud out last Sunday.... but it didn't rain though, so we didn't get wet.

We put a card on this red door too, because Hammie likes red.

This Hut had a good sign on too!

Then we had a wander onto Beach. There's lots of pebbles and stones on our Beach.

We're not the only ones out today, either!


Oh!! We spotted a Market on the Lawns!! Let's go have a look!

Andrea says those yellow things are Real Sponges from the Sea.

This one's a Sausage Stall. I think that girl must really want some, she looks like she asking the man desperately to get some!!!

Cheese!!! Three Cheese for Five Pounds?? Oh, can we??? Please??

OH!! Andrea got me Camembert Cheese (at the bottom), Creamy Cheesey (in the middle) and Brie Cheese (at the top) and says they're all for me because I'm a Very Special Mouse!
Gosh, I'm lucky!

After that, we tied a postcard to this bicycle.

We walked past a house that had a Bird in the window!! It was a real bird that tweeted at us!

When we got home, we got out the Flip Flops, so I could decide what to paint on them.

And then we got the Cheese out and had Lunch!!
And I shared them with Andrea too!!

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