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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Beanie's backpack

After getting a bunch of extra mail, I decided to make sure I had all my mail art money in my backpack. Just to make sure I have something called Spending Money for when I go on holiday!
I don't know what Spending Money is, but Andrea says it's important to have it.
It's to do with Shopping, and I know Shopping is important!!!

I love my backpack!!! I can carry my scarf and my blanket in it too!!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Beanie Has a Passport!!

Andrea made me my very own passport!! She says I'm from a place called the United Squeaks of Rodentia, which must make me Rodentish. And the picture on the front is called A Coat Of Paws, and it has a Piece of Cheese, a Mouse, and Crossed Fondue Forks!! And it even has a Latin Maxim in the banner which says "Fondue Enim Omnis". Andrea says that means "Fondue For All"!!!
I've never had Fondue but Andrea says it's made out of Cheese and I know I like Cheese!!

Andrea finished making my passport!! It had my picture in it and my autograph!! I still don't know where I was born though....

And here's the stamp from when I went to Paris....

And here's the stamp from when I went to Amsterdam!!
And there's loads more pages to fill up, too!!

A trip to London, October 2009

Last Wednesday, Andrea had a Day Off Work and took me up to London again! She said we were going to try and get Eurostar Tickets!
How exciting!
This time, we went to Brighton Train Station and got Train to London. There were so many people on the train, that Andrea had to Stand Up all the way!!! I was safely tucked away in her pocket so I couldn't take any pictures.....

Here we are again in London!!

We got another Bus 73!

Oh! That's not the way to Youth Hostel!!

St Pancras International? Oh! We came here before when we went to Paris!!

We got Ticket!!!!! We're going to somewhere called Lille. I wonder where that is?
Andrea even got a free thing called Plan da Vee which she says is French for Town Map. Oh, so they speak French in Lille??
Lille is in France??! How exciting!!
On the way out, we saw a lovely clock! I like that clock!

We got another Bus 73 but Andrea said we weren't going back to Train Station just yet. We had to lose some of my Art in London first.

We got off Bus 73 here, at a thing called Marble Arch. Apparently this used to be the entrance to Buckingham Palace, where Queen lives.

And then we saw this wonderful Horse Statue!! My friend Traveler has been to London, so I guess they made this statue just for him!

Isn't it gorgeous?!

And here's me with Traveler's statue AND Marble Arch!!

On the way down Park Lane, we saw a stone Muriel all about animals.

Here's another statue of Donkey. He looks tired...

Then we went down past Hyde Park. It's so big..... there's lots of places to hide in here, so I guess that's why it's called Hide Park!

Then I spotted some funny cars!! I want one of those!

And there's a Fountain in Hyde Park!

And then I spotted some people riding Horse too!

We went past this Gothic building again.

And then I stopped for a rest by this leaf!!

We went past this Lion and Unicorn Gate!

That gate's rather wonderful too!

Oh! What's that?!

Oh! Andrea says she thinks this place is called Hyde Park Corner...

We got a better view from here....

Then we walked down Grosvenor Place (or was it Road? Or Lane? I can't remember!) and saw these lovely wrought iron window frames. Somebody called Prime Minister lived in here once, there was a round blue plaque on the wall saying so.

Andrea says the Queen's back yard is on the other side of the wall.

We were tying my weathergrams to railings all the way, while we were walking!

Victoria Station that way. That's where we're going!

OH!! There's a Lion chasing a Gazelle!! In the middle of London!
I didn't know we got Lions in London!!

And here we are back at Victoria Station!!
I wonder if we'll get a seat on Train?

And we did!! Here we are going past Battersea Power Station!
It's not used any more but it's a fabulous building!

And here we are back home!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Birthday trip to London day two October 2009

Last Saturday, we got up for Breakfast and had the Breakfast In A Basket!!!

AND we had coffee!! (I know Andrea loves coffee, specially first thing in the morning!!)

We started off with Corn Flakes!

Andrea let me have the Croissant!! We had lots of these in Paris - I love the Chocolate Bread best of all, but we didn't get any of that at Youth Hostel.

Then we got our bags and got ready to go Home!
I didn't really want to leave just yet, but it's always nice getting home!

We got the 73 Bus again, back to Victoria Station.

And we passed by this Gothic Building in Park Lane! Andrea says it's a Bank that some people call Rip Off Merchant. I don't understand why, it's such a lovely building.

We then went past these lovely white pillars.

And here we are at Victoria Station again!! This time, the bus only took us 25 minutes!
We had enough time to have Sight Seeing before we got Coach home.

We saw this little clock! Andrea says it's a smaller version of a thing called Big Ben.
I guess this is Little Ben, then?

And we saw a gold Ballet Dancer on top of this building!! One of the belly dancers we saw last night did some Ballet Belly dancing, but she didn't wear gold.

And then we saw these Stone Carved Animals! They're kinda scarey!

And a Shark too!!
Run for your Life!

Oh! There's a sign for Coach Station! We've got to go there...!

Oh! This sign says it's this way....

We put one of my Works of Art on this telephone! It looks much happier now!

That's where we're going!! We got here very early though -

So we got on earlier Coach to get Home!

Here we go! Past all this green stuff...

There's a lot of that green stuff around....

And we stopped at Gatwick Air O'Port. We didn't get off here though...

We kept on going..... those are the South Down Hills in the distance but the clouds started to fly low down, so we couldn't see the Hills very well.

The Clouds came down so low that we couldn't see anything at all out of the window!!
I hope the driver can see the road!!

Oh here we are! This is the Church that we passed on the way to London!

And we're back at the Coach Station where we started!!

When we got home, we unpacked, and I looked at all the things I can put in my Scrapbook!
I'm on Scrapbook Number Three now!!